1 Surprises According to Humphrey

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Surprises According to Humphrey

Written by Betty G. Birney

Reviewed by Mark S. (age 8)

Surprises According to Humphrey

In Surprises According to Humphrey you will meet a hamster named Humphrey who gets a lot of surprises. In this book Humphrey is facing an alien invasion because Aldo the janitor is missing! Then an alien looking janitor came in the school Humphrey and Og got petrified! Next the alien puts a vegetable in Humphrey’s cage but he’s afraid to eat it.

I liked this book because I thought it was funny when Humphrey thought he was getting taken away by aliens. I think this story was unique because there is a talking hamster. When I read this book I felt a little bored at the start but as I read it got better. I think this book could improve if they put pictures so we know what the students look like.

I believe this book would be good for someone who is in third or fourth grade. The genre of this book is comedy this might appeal to someone who likes crazy funny books. This book might be perfect for someone who likes getting cracked up.