1 No David

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No David

Written by David Shannon

Illustrated by David Shannon

Reviewed by Aniston P. (age 8)

No David

First, David's mom always said No David, like when he was eating too many cookies and over flowing the bath tub. Next, David brought mud into the house and went running outside naked and was being very loud. Then David's mom always says “No David,” because he always getting in trouble.

In my opinion, No David is a really funny book. One reason it is funny is that David runs outside without clothes. For example, the pictures will make you laugh. Another reason the books is funny is when David over flows the bath tub. For example, the water in the tub was green. No David is super funny. My favorite part is when he runs outside naked because it was very funny. The lesson of the story was to listen to your parents.

I recommend this book to people how like silly stories because David Shannon writes really funny stories.