1 Prairie Evers

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Prairie Evers

Written by Ellen Airgood

Reviewed by Lauren L. (age 9)

Prairie Evers

“Cock-a-doodle-doo!" Come join Prairie and her chickens and her cool adventure in Prairie Evers, by Ellen Airgood.

To begin with, Prairie moved to a new place, and it was on a farm. Prairie has three chickens and she feeds them every day. She has to go to a new school and she doesn’t like it at first. Then, she met a girl named Ivy and they become best friends. Ivy was her first true friend. Ivy needed a friend too because she had family troubles. Ivy’s dad has died from being shot by Ivy’s mom. I was shocked when I heard that Ivy’s mom killed her dad. The girls get upset with each other once, but realize that they are best friends and need to stick together.

In addition, my favorite part of this book was when Prairie and Ivy were listening to their favorite song and Prairie’s grandma come’s down singing the song. I thought that it was a little funny. This was my favorite part because her grandma just popped out of nowhere singing the song. I also liked this book because it is a Florida Sunshine State Reader book! This is one of fifteen books chosen this year that are books all kids should read. A character that I found interesting was Ivy. She was interesting because she only lived with her mom. This was important because of what you find out about Ivy and her family.

In conclusion, this is a good book for kids 9 and up. Parts of the book were sad but some other parts were inspiring! If you want to laugh and cry all in the same book you should check out Prairie Evers!