1 Half a Chance

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Half a Chance

Written by Cynthia Lord

Reviewed by Dominic A. (age 9)

Half a Chance

Do you want to go on the lake with Lucy and Nate? Come visit them in Half a Chance by Cynthia Lord.

This story was about a girl and her family who moved to another state. Now they have a huge lake in their backyard. Lucy makes friends with a boy named Nate who also lives on the lake and they always go kayaking on the lake. They love it!! Their families love to watch them. They also love watching the loons who live on the lake. Lucy’s dad is a famous photographer and isn’t ever home. He is having a photo contest, but Lucy isn’t allowed to enter. So she enters anonymously anyway! She really wants to impress her dad.

This book reminds me of when I went kayaking with my family. I accidentally hit my dad in the ear with the paddle. He wasn’t really happy about it. When I was reading this book I felt like I was on a lake again and it was a good memory. It made me think of me kayaking on a big lake with my family and friends. My favorite part was when Lucy and Nate saw the baby loons and the mother loon. This was my favorite part because I like watching loons in the lake. Also during this part one of the babies was taken by an eagle, and the mother saved it! It was really scary and exciting!

In conclusion, I think this book is good for kids ages 6 to 12. Go to the library right now to get this book!