1 The Pet War

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The Pet War

Written by Allan Woodrow

Reviewed by Samantha K. (age 8)

The Pet War

“Growl…..Hiss!” The Pet War has begun! This book is called The Pet War, and the author is Allan Woodrow.

To begin with, Otto and Lexi are brother and sister. Otto wants a dog and Lexi wants a cat. So, they have a pet war. The battle is to raise a certain amount of money and whoever reaches that amount first wins. If neither of them reaches the goal, NO PETS. They both try to find a way to raise money to win their pet. Lexi makes posters for tutoring and earns money. Otto walks dogs. They both work very hard to be the winner!

My favorite part is when Otto tries to make cookies and totally messes up. I think this is also the funniest part. I laughed for two whole minutes. I felt happy and sometimes I got worried as I read the book. When Otto couldn’t think of any ways to earn money I was worried and I was wondering about how I would earn money. I really liked this book. I liked it because I like animals and it was funny but also a really good book to read because of the characters. My favorite character was Otto because he is entertaining and funny when trying to earn the money to win the war.

In conclusion, I think this is a great book for kids of the age 8 and up, especially the kids who like dogs, cats, or both. Will it be a cat or will it be a dog? Find the answer in The Pet War written by Allan Woodrow.