1 The Pet War

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The Pet War

Written by Allan Woodrow

Reviewed by Lauren L. (age 9)

The Pet War

Are we going to get a pet soon? If you have ever asked yourself or your parents that question, you should read The Pet War by Allan Woodrow.

To begin with, Lexi and Otto are sister and brother and they both wanted to have a pet. Otto wanted a dog. Lexi wanted a cat. But the problem was that their mom said that they can’t have two pets. Then one day, their mom has an idea that they could have a competition. To Lexi and Otto, it becomes a war to see who can get five hundred dollars first. Whoever earns it will get the pet they want! They have to think of their own ways to earn money. Otto tries to sell cookies and walk dogs. He has some rough times doing both of these things. Lexi tries tutoring because she is smart. They both really want to win the pet!

In addition, my favorite part was when Otto stole money from Lexi’s room because she left it open, so he went to go look inside and he saw all her money and stole twenty dollars. I liked this part because Lexi said that she hid her money in a good spot, but Otto found it. Otto and Lexi remind me and me and my brother. This is because sometimes we have a war about where we sit in the car. We both always want a side seat and not the middle! When I was reading this book I felt very interested. I felt this way because even though I already have three pets, I still want more, just like Otto and Lexi.

In conclusion, I liked this book because it was really good and I love pets. I recommend kids age 9-12 to read this book. I promise you will enjoy it!