1 Prairie Evers

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Prairie Evers

Written by Ellen Airgood

Reviewed by Isabella B. (age 9)

Prairie Evers

Discover how you can make amazing friends by going to school! Come see what happens with Prairie in Prairie Evers by Ellen Airgood.

First, Prairie is a young girl who is taught at home by her grandma. Her parents decide that she needs to go to school, but she doesn’t want to. The next day she goes to school. A couple of days later she likes a girl in her class and wants to be friends with her. At recess, she talks to her and they become friends. Her name is Ivy Blake. Then Prairie decides to get Ivy a gift. They have a play date. Ivy’s mom likes someone and then they get married and move to Poughkeepsie. Ivy doesn’t want to move to Poughkeepsie so Prairie thinks that Ivy can stay with Prairie’s family for the rest of the year and then move back to Poughkeepsie. Ivy’s mom says yes.

I liked this book because I am a young girl like Prairie who has a best friend that she wants to stay close to. I wouldn’t want my friend to move away either. My favorite part of the book was when Prairie made a new friend. I liked this part because I like making new friends at school too. Ivy reminds me of my friend Alexa. On my first day of school I got to make friends with Alexa just like Prairie did with Ivy.

In conclusion, I recommend this book for all kids who go to school because it shows me how it’s not always hard to make new friends. It can show you that too! And, it will also show that going to school can be fun!