1 Stone Rabbit Dragon Boogie

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Stone Rabbit Dragon Boogie

Written by Erik Craddock

Reviewed by Nikita R. (age 8)

Stone Rabbit Dragon Boogie

If you like reading books about heroes you should read this book. One day there was a really bad storm and when the lightning struck, the lights go out. The characters names are Andrew, Rabbit, and Henri. They only have one game in the house to play and it is with cursed dice! Henri rolls it and then all of a sudden…read the book to find out!

The pictures are really well made. The illustrator is really good at drawing! Not a lot of people can draw as good as the illustrator of this book. The pictures really made the story! It uses real characters from a cartoon. I don’t know what the cartoons name is, I wish I knew, may you can find out! This book belongs to the Stone Rabbit series, they are chapter comics. A chapter comic is when comic books have chapters. I feel like I am the rabbit in the book because he always fights with Henry. I always fight with my sister. One thing Henry and Rabbit always fight about is a video game. My sister and I mostly fight about who gets to play with our cat.

I think kids should read this book because it is interesting and different than any book I have ever read. The goal of the book is to finish a game. There are movies like this but not books like this. A student in the 3rd or 4th grade would enjoy this book. This is a funny, adventure book.