1 The Arctic Patrol Mystery # 48

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The Arctic Patrol Mystery # 48

Written by Franklin Dixon

Illustrated by Franklin Dixon

Reviewed by Tucker B. (age 11)

The Arctic Patrol Mystery # 48

"You're going to Iceland to try to track down Rex Hallbjornsson," those are the thorough words of Fenton Hardy, the dad of Frank and Joe Hardy. This book is both interesting and suspenseful. Some people might say that mysteries are boring and hard to follow, but I think that they are very interesting and fun to read. The Arctic Patrol Mystery # 48 is about two boys who go to Iceland to try to track down a suspected killer. There were two friends that begged to go with them. They finally convinced them, so they let them go along on their exciting trip to Iceland. On their journey they meet a lot of different people on their trip. One of the people who help them solve the case is Gudmundur Bergsson; they call him Gummi for short. If you want to find out more, you will have to read the book.

There is one character that I really liked, and his name is Joe Hardy. He reminds me of myself because he is daring and takes chances. This book is one of sixty other great books in a series. It is very interesting and suspenseful because you don't know what is going to happen next. My favorite part is when Biff and Chet are begging Frank and Joe to go to Iceland with them. There are many exhilarating parts in this story that leave the reader wondering what will happen next. There is one lesson to be learned in this story and it is that you should never blab something to another friend unless your friend swears to never tell anybody in his lifetime.

I would recommend this book to people of any age because it is a great thriller. There are parts where you almost jump out of your seat. It is an awesome book when you get into it, and if you like mysteries you will like this book. That is why I recommend The Arctic Patrol Mystery # 48.