1 The Candymakers

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The Candymakers

Written by Wendy Mass

Reviewed by Mathyas J. (age 9)

The Candymakers

Mmm! Mmm! Come and make some candy with Logan, Miles, Daisy, and Phillip in the Candy makers by Wendy Mass.

To begin with, Logan Sweet along with Miles, Daisy, and Phillip, and many more are in a candy making contest. Logan desperately needs to win because he wants to be like his dad and grandpa, but the other contestants want to win too. Miles wants to win it for a girl he saw run into a lake and never come back up. Daisy is actually a spy and wants to steal the secret ingredient. Phillip wants to steal the secret ingredient too but for a good reason; he wants to stop his dad from stealing the secret ingredient. Phillip's dad promises that if he wins he won't steal the secret ingredient. Right before the contest they all figure out what each others' secrets are and they all help Phillip so he can save the factory. Together they invent the Harmonicandy, a candy harmonica that really plays. In the end, a kid named Alex almost wins, but Logan figures out he used a ingredient that you are not supposed to use so Phillip won and he saved the factory!

I liked the part where Phillip starts playing the violin in front of everyone! I was so surprised that Phillip played in front of everyone just to make a distraction. All the people at the convention were asking for his autograph. It was really funny because everyone kept swarming around Phillip and eventually Daisy had to take them to the boys' bathroom and lock the door. I also liked this book because the book was divided into five parts. Each part was someone's life during the candy making contest. So part one was Logan, part two was miles, part three was daisy, part four was Phillip, and part five was Logan again. The last reason I liked this book is because it was very long and challenging to read! It has 480 pages!!

In conclusion, this book is a great book for kids ages nine and up. If you like books about teamwork and books with twists and turns than this is the book for you!