1 Seven Kisses in a Row

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Seven Kisses in a Row

Written by Patricia MacLachlan

Illustrated by Miria Pia Marrella

Reviewed by Lauren D. (age 9)

Were you ever left home with someone besides your parents? This story is about a girl named Emma whose parents went away and left her with her aunt and uncle that she hardly knew. At first she thought that they wouldn't like her but when she got to know them a little better she realized that they really did like her. She found out that they had a baby a few months ago. She helped them out with the baby. She gave them mother and father lessons. When it was time for her mother and father to come home she didn't want her aunt and uncle to leave so she tried to fake being sick so that her parents wouldn't come home. Her aunt and uncle said they would be back next year, and they were. Emma kept seeing them every year for the rest of her life. There's sort of a surprise at the end.

I think this was a good book because it was realistic fiction. It was like a real story but it was fake. I recommend this book to other people who like realistic fiction books. This book really keeps you interested. You can't wait to see what happens next. This book reminded me of when my parents left me with my grandparents for a week.