1 Jacky Ha-Ha

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Jacky Ha-Ha

Written by James Patterson

Reviewed by Flora H. (age 11)

Jacky Ha-Ha

This book is about a girl named Jacky Hart with a nickname she wants to get rid of and a stuttering problem that happens at the worst times.

Her life started out fine until her mom got shipped out to Saudi Arabia to fight in the military and her dad started having extremely late nights out she has no idea where her dad had gone I mean what can a lifeguard do so late in the middle of October? Will she find out what is happening or will it be to late?

I enjoyed when Jacky climbed the Ferris wheel and also her relationship with her teacher Ms. .O-Mara sweet. Sometimes I think that she is to mean to her teachers and doesn't deserve the good treatment they give her. I also feel bad what is going on in her life because of her family situation.

I think this book is very well-written and would be a good book for people ages 9 to 130 I think it is good to read with family members and is probably in the comedy genre.