1 The Worrisome Wombat

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The Worrisome Wombat

Written by Bronwen Scarffe

Illustrated by Leanne Flemming

Reviewed by Isaac F. (age 8)

The Worrisome Wombat

In this story wombat was telling the wild animals what to do and they did not like it. He called them telling them to come here and they ran away from him. The Wombat was sad and thought his friends did not like him so he went to his house. My favorite part of the story is when the wombat was hiding in his hole.

This story taught me to don't tell people what to do. I think that the pictures look good especially the one with lizard. The wombat's face looks funny when the wombat was happy. The story makes me feel good and the story reminds me of when my oldest sister she tells me what to do.

I think 3rd graders should read this book because the Wombat's face is funny and so is the book.