1 A Bargain For Frances

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A Bargain For Frances

Written by Russsell Hoban

Illustrated by lillian Hoban

Reviewed by Assitan K. (age 6), Nick M. (age 6), Rasean L. (age 6) & Jessey O. (age 7)

A Bargain For Frances

How do you treat your best friend? Frances and Thelma are best friends. In this story Frances went to her friend?s Thelma house to play with her plastic tea set. Frances wanted to buy a real China tea set. While they played Thelma tricked Frances into buying her Tea set.

The pictures were done with colored pencils and the animals looked like they were real. I (Assitan) liked Frances because she tricked Thelma to teach her a lesson. I (Nick and Rasean) liked the part when Frances and Thelma were sharing because it reminds me of when I share with my friends. I (Jessie) didn?t like when Thelma and Frances were tricking each other. No one likes to be tricked.

When we were reading the book at first we felt bad because friends should be nice to each other. We hope he writes another book about Frances so we can find out what happen to her on another day.

We recommend this book kids our age because it taught us about sharing. We think it can teach other people about being friends too.