1 Night of the Living Dummy

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Night of the Living Dummy

Written by R.L. Stine

Illustrated by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by Lincoln C (age 9)

Night of the Living Dummy

One day there were two sisters named Kris and Lindy. They went to a new house down the street, and Lindy found a nice looking dummy. She named it Slappy. The two girls went home, and Kris thought that it wasn't fair, so her mom bought her a dummy, too. Kris named him, Mr. Wood. One stormy night Kris found a card that fell out of Mr. Wood's front pocket, and it was written in a weird language. A few days later, she figures out that the dummy is alive and evil. Mr. Wood causes a LOT of trouble. Read the book to see what he did and what Slappy's revenge is.

I liked this awesome book because I like scary tales, and Goosebumps is something I'm interested in. My favorite part was when, during the performance, Mr. Wood opened his mouth and sprayed this gassy, green rotten egg smell because it was really interesting to read.

I recommend this book. Every time I read a page, it was so good that I wanted to read every word. This book reminds me of my brother and I. When we are good for the day, we get to talk for five minutes in bed. We tell scary stories. I think this book would be great for ages 7 and up.