1 Jessica's Monster Nightmare

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Jessica's Monster Nightmare

Written by Francine Pascale

Illustrated by Francine Pascale

Reviewed by Alexa P. (age 9)

Jessica's Monster Nightmare

Jessica was scared of the dark and of a monster in her dream. Every time Jessica saw something scary she would see the same monster that she had in her dream. Like when her big brother changes the channel to the science fiction channel, she sees the same monster. In school, her class was making posters. Jessica's sister Elizabeth told half the class that Jessica had a monster in her dream. Jessica's classmates asked her to draw the picture of the monster. Everyone wanted to see the poster to see how scary the monster looked like. Then she felt really sick and went to the nurse. Then Mrs. Otis told everyone to draw a funny picture on the monster. Like they drew high-heeled shoes on the monster and other funny stuff that you would laugh at. There's an interesting ending.

I liked this book because I like the author and I have read other stories that she has written like "Elizabeth's Broken Arm". I recommend this book to people because of things that the classmates did to make sure that Jessica was not scared anymore. After reading this book, I know that feeling scared is alright.