1 Sofia's Dream

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Sofia's Dream

Written by Land Wilson

Illustrated by Sue Cornelison

Reviewed by Sofia M. (age 7)

Sofia's Dream

The moon is sad, he can see earth and see that people are polluting the earth. Sofia, the main character, has a dream about taking a big leap and flying up to the moon. She, like the moon, wants to stop people from polluting. This book is about how it is not good to pollute.

I love this book because it gives you a message. The book helps you to want to clean up the earth and keep it beautiful. This book is interesting because the main characters name is spelled the same way my name is. And this book is special because I got it for Christmas. This book makes me want to fly up to the moon. I wonder what space would be like. The illustrations in this book are grey and white but the people are colorful. That is cool!

I love this book because it is interesting and I think you would like it too. It is realistic, we need to take care of the earth.