1 Jedi Academy

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Jedi Academy

Written by Jeff Brown

Reviewed by Nino M. (age 8)

Jedi Academy

Have you ever been teased? In this book, Jedi Academy, Roan can explain that perfectly. Roan only has three friends. At the beginning, Roan is expecting a spot in Starfighter Academy but then he gets put into Jedi Academy. Roan thinks his life is ruined if he does not pass school because he will be sent to plant school. Here are some characters I like: I like Chroan because he is mischievous. I like Ronald because he cheats. Finally, I like Roan because he never gives up. One connection is that when Chroan gets in trouble and cheats because I used to do the same. He has a dad, a mom, and an older brother, last a, little brother Ollie. Jeffery Brown, you should be happy that you have the New York bestselling series. I wish I could have that. I love Ewok pilot because he is so cute and gets into a lot of trouble. I also like Jawa pilot because he always wants to crash land Ewok pilot too. I would recommend this book to people who like Star Wars and traveling. I love Star Wars and that’s why I recommend this book. Last, I love learning more and more. That is why I like this book.