1 Danny and the Dinosaur

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Danny and the Dinosaur

Written by Syd Hoff

Illustrated by Syd Hoff

Reviewed by Max M. (age 7)

Danny and the Dinosaur

Don’t you remember learning in school that dinosaurs are extinct? Guess what?! I know a boy named Danny who has a friend as a dinosaur! A boy named Danny went to a museum. Danny saw Eastern Woodland Indians and bears. He saw tools and weapons. He saw dinosaurs. Then he saw a REAL dinosaur! He had so much fun! Find out what fun he had and everything they did together. Did they get ice cream? Did they go to the zoo? Did they go to the baseball stadium? You just have to find out.

This book was great because there were a lot of details and comedy. I loved the part when Danny used the dinosaur as a boat because it was funny. Think about all the fun they had. They went to the zoo and saw the baseball game. They got ice cream and made a bridge and played hide and seek with other kids. They ran around the neighborhood. That’s why this book was great. That’s my opinion.

I think kids who like dinosaurs (not real dinosaurs, fake dinosaurs) will like this book. I recommend this book to kindergarteners, first graders, and babies that are 2-years-old. Two-year-olds sometimes like dinosaurs. They might have heard of dinosaurs. The dinosaur in this book in not a dinosaur cub or a T-Rex or a pterodactyl. This dinosaur in the book is big, yellow, tall and fast. He cannot fly. He is not slow. He has no name. You should read this book to find out more.