1 The Baby Sister

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The Baby Sister

Written by Tomie dePaola

Illustrated by Tomie dePaola

Reviewed by Victoria S. (age 7)

The Baby Sister

Tommy had a large family. His mother was going to have a baby girl. They think. Tommy wants a baby girl with a red bow in her hair. They get the room ready. Tommy's mom puts the curtains on the chainging table. He draws a picture for the baby's room. Then his mom goes to the hospital. Tommy gets sad. His Grandma comes to babysit. He and his Grandma argue. Tommy's mom does have a baby girl. Tommy and Grandma become friends. His mom comes home with the baby. The family crowds around and mom wants to know where Tommy is. He was hiding and he jumped out from behind the chair. He got to hold the baby. Her name was Maureen. She had a red ribbon in her hair.

I liked this book because it had nice illustrations. I like babies and I have a baby brother. I like him.

I recommend this book to moms. You know moms like babies.