1 Six-Dinner Sid

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Six-Dinner Sid

Written by Inga Moore

Reviewed by Kelsey C. (age 8)

Six-Dinner Sid

Sid is a six dinner cat who lives on Aristotle Street. Sid gets six dinners a day from his neighbors. Sid's neighbors don't know what Sid is up to. Sid gets a cold and he has to go to the vet. Not just one time but six times. Sid has to take medicine six times a day. The vet calls each neighbor and the neighbors find out about Sid's six meals a day. They make sure Sid gets one dinner a day. So Sid finds six new neighbors on Pythagoras Place. These new neighbors know Sid gets six meals a day and they don't care.

I like this book because it reminds me of my 34 cats. It makes me laugh. It is funny. I like watching my cats eat.

I think this book would be great for anyone to read.