1 Splat and the Cool School Trip

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Splat and the Cool School Trip

Written by Rob Scotton

Reviewed by Nicolas N. (age 8)

Splat and the Cool School Trip

In this book there is a cat named Splat. Splat loves penguins. Splat woke up from his favorite dream about penguins and gets ready for school. His class is going on a field trip to the zoo and Splat can't wait to see the penguins. Seymour is Splat's friend. Seymour is a mouse. Mrs. Wimpydimple says that Seymour can't go on the field trip because he may scare the elephants. Splat is disappointed because his class has seen all the animals except the penguins. All of a sudden something falls out of the sky. It's Seymour! He lands on one of the elephants and scares him. The field trip ends without seeing the penguins. Seymour decides to bring all the penguins home to surprise Splat. To find out what happens next, read Splat and the Cool School Trip.

I like this book because I like cats, penguins and field trips. My favorite part in the book is when Seymour falls out of the sky. I like that part because he came out of the sky in a funny way. It made me laugh. I also like this story because of all the animals in the story. I love animals!

I would recommend this book to 1st and 2nd graders. 1st and 2nd graders like cats and penguins. This is a funny book.