1 Splat and the Cool School Trip

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Splat and the Cool School Trip

Written by Rob Scotton

Reviewed by Bianca M. (age 8)

Splat and the Cool School Trip

In this story a cat named Splat was going on a field trip to the zoo. He wanted to see the penguins. His friend is a mouse named Seymour. Splat remembered that Mrs. Wimpy Dimple said that he couldn't come because mice scare elephants. Splat went to school and left Seymour feeling disappointed at home. Seymour made a paper airplane to sneak to the zoo. But, he flew right into the elephants and scared them. It made trouble. The class had to leave and Splat didn't see the penguins. Seymour didn't want Splat to be sad, so he sneaked the penguins on the bus. Read this book to find out what happened.

I think this book is interesting because they go on a school trip. I think it's great because I like the animals in it. I think this book is funny. I like this book because it is colorful.

This book is good for 6-8 year old children to read. The mouse, Seymour, is a funny character that they will like. In the story all characters faces are funny. This would be a silly book to read if you want to laugh.