1 Squish: Captain Disaster

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Squish: Captain Disaster

Written by Jennifer Holm

Reviewed by Mark C. (age 9)

Squish: Captain Disaster

Do you enjoy comic books that are funny? Try the book Squish: Captain Disaster by Jennifer L. Holm and you will laugh out loud!

To begin with, Squish is the captain of a soccer team. The team is called the Waterfleas. He tries his best to win, but he is not even close to winning the first game in the story. Soon, Squish gets advice from his Dad, then his team starts winning. Then a problem comes about when some of his teammates quit the team because they never get the ball, even thought they are winning! Squish realizes that winning isn't as important as working with his team so he learns to start passing the ball. This changes the team in ways that are good and bad.

In addition, my favorite part is when a teammate named Pod who never got the ball kept asking Squish for a Twinkie. He wouldn't stop and it was really funny. Another reason this is a great book is because it reminded me of myself because I'm always asking my mom for snacks. I would like to have Twinkies too! This book is especially good for me because it is a comic book. I like the pictures and writing as comics because it makes reading it a lot easier and more fun.

In conclusion, I recommend this book for kids who like to read comic books. Everyone will like getting to know Squish!