1 Miss Kraft is Daft

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Miss Kraft is Daft

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Phong T. (age 8)

Miss Kraft is Daft

Weird schools are fun schools! Meet A.J. at his weird school is Miss Kraft is Daft by Dan Gutman.

To start with, the main characters are A.J., Michael, Ryan, Emily, Neil, Andrea, and Alexia. Their teacher Mr. Granite is sick! Sot they get a substitute teacher named Miss Kraft. She was a clown and just finished clown college. In the book it says, A.J. asks, “Are you a clown or a teacher?” Miss Kraft says she is both and that they are going to learn AND have fun. “That’s impossible!” A.J. shouts. Miss Kraft decides to prove him wrong and asks the class what two times two is. They all shout the answer is four. Miss Kraft then pulled four ribbons out of her nose! She does it again with two times four and pulls eight ribbons out of her nose! A.J. asks her how she did it and she tells the class that she took out her brain. Things like this continue in this funny story about a substitute teacher.

In addition, my favorite part is when Miss Kraft asks the class to answer eleven times eleven. A.J.’s friend said that if she goes that high her head will go to a different universe and explode! Boom! Gone! All the students even Andrea the smarty pants went under their desks and Miss Kraft still said 11 times 11, but Mr. Klutz came in very mad. (If you don’t know about this series, Mr. Klutz is the principal). My favorite character is A.J. because he is the main character and tells you about his school. He makes me feel like I am part of the class too. I think this book is funny because every time I read it, it gives me the chuckles. There are so many funny parts to keep you reading this book.

In conclusion, I recommend this book for ages 6 and up. I liked this book so much that I wanted to keep reading more Weird School books!