1 Frankie's Magic Soccer Ball

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Frankie's Magic Soccer Ball

Written by Claire Moore

Reviewed by Hunter L. (age 7)

Frankie's Magic Soccer Ball

Frankie and his friends win a soccer ball at the carnival. It's a magic soccer ball and it transports them to a pirate ship for a soccer game. Frankie's team is about to lose the game when Charlie makes a great save. Frankie beats Captain Croper to the ball and scores the game-winning goal. Finally they get off the ship and go back home.

My favorite part of the story is when Charlie stopped the ball from going in the goal because then the pirates didn't win. My favorite character is Frankie because it's his magic soccer ball. This story relates to my life because I play soccer and I'm on a team with my friends like in the book. This story has pictures, but they don't really help because the words already tell about the story.

I think others should read this story because it is funny and it is soccer related.