1 Arthur and the True Francine

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Arthur and the True Francine

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Ronak K. (age 8) & Jenna V. (age 7)

Arthur and the True Francine

In the story Arthur and the True Francine by Marc Brown, it is a brand new school year. In the beginning, Arthur and his friends are not looking forward to getting Mr. Ratburn for their teacher. When they checked the class list, they are in his class! The problem is that one day Muffy cheats on a math test by looking at Francine's paper. Mr. Ratburn calls them up to his desk and both girls are in trouble. At Billy's Burger Barn, Muffy tells the truth about cheating so Mr. Ratburn makes her clean the board everyday.

Our favorite part of the story is when Muffy tells the truth because she really did it. Our least favorite character is Mr. Ratburn because he is mean. This story relates to our lives because we are good at baseball like the kids in the story. The story has colorful pictures that help us understand what's going on.

We think others should read it because it is a good book with a funny ending.