1 Arthur's Christmas

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Arthur's Christmas

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Emily A. (age 6) & Kelsie K. (age 8)

Arthur's Christmas

In the story Arthur's Christmas by Marc Brown, Arthur tries to find the perfect present for Santa Claus. In the beginning, Arthur can't decide what to get Santa and D.W. adds ten more things to her Christmas list. Arthur sees Santa buying different foods and decides to make him a feast. In the end, D.W. helps him out by writing a note for Arthur from Santa. The note said thank you for all the food.

Our favorite part of the story is when D.W. wrote the note because that is the only time she is nice. Our favorite character is D.W. because she can be be a kind sister and also a pest. This story relates to our lives because we have written nice notes before. The pictures in the story are colorful and they help tell what's going on.

We think you should read this story because it's funny when Arthur cooks all of the food for Santa. This story is also inspirational and awesome.