1 Arthur Goes to Camp

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Arthur Goes to Camp

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Addison M. (age 7) & Samantha G. (age 7)

Arthur Goes to Camp

In the story Arthur Goes to Camp by Marc Brown, Arthur has to go to summer camp. He doesn't really want to go at all. At first, Arthur really misses his family and writes letters. Then, he starts having fun doing some of the activities. At the end, Arthur wins a nighttime scavenger hunt and writes to his parents that he had a great time.

Our favorite part was when the camp kids got their underwear pulled down because it was really funny. Our favorite character is Rocky is because he doesn't like the boxes. The story relates to our lives because we have been to camp before. The pictures tell us what is going on and are very helpful.

We think you should read this story because it teaches you to be appreciative of going to camp.