1 100 Deadliest Things On the Planet

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100 Deadliest Things On the Planet

Written by Anna Claybourne

Reviewed by Ryan G. (age 10)

100 Deadliest Things On the Planet

Have you ever been all around the world to see diseases, natural disasters, and dangerous animals? Instead of going all around the world read this book. It is very heart-pounding looking at the deadliest things on the planet. The words of the text are very specific in describing the dangerous things.

My favorite animal is the bushmaster snake. It's fangs are 1.5 inches long and they are very dangerous. It also has venom in its teeth. In's not the strongest venom in the world, but it damages blood vessels and quickly starts to dissolve living flesh. There are also natural disasters in this book. We read about natural disasters in my class this year. They can be very scary. Between the scary animals and the natural disasters, you won't be able to put the book down.

I recommend this book to ages 9-13. The book shows some disturbing photos. If you read this book you will learn new kinds of animals and diseases that you never new about. I hope you read this book. It is amazing!