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Written by Trudy Ludwig

Reviewed by Kylie C. (age 9)


SORRY! If you have to say that a lot, then you should read SORRY! by Trudy Ludwig.

To begin with, this story is about a bad kid named Charlie that just says sorry whenever he does something wrong and gets away with it every time. But whenever his friend Jack says sorry, he never gets away with it. For example, Charlie says, “If you get caught, just say you’re sorry.” But then Jack says sorry and this happens, a neighbor across the street says, “Yeah, right.” The story continues as Charlie learns about what it means to really feel sorry.

In addition, this book was a great book because it reminds me about my life. That is because of how we have to say sorry a lot in my house like when I fight with my brothers or we say something mean to each other. Another thing is that the illustrations are amazing. They have such good colors and good people. Also I loved this book because it had so much action and so many details. I never got bored while I was reading it!

In conclusion, I recommend this book for a family read aloud. I also recommend this book for ages five to ten year olds. Go check it out at your local library today!