1 Happy Birthday Little Witch

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Happy Birthday Little Witch

Written by Deborah Hautzig

Illustrated by Brown

Reviewed by Celeste C. (age 7)

Happy Birthday Little Witch

In this book there was a little witch. It was her birthday. It was also Halloween. She wanted to find her friends pirate, astronaut, and devil. Her friends were not really a pirate, an astronaut, or a devil, they were just dressed up for Halloween. On her search, she saw a real pirate and a real astronaut but not her friends. Finally, she got tired of looking for them and went home. She was sad because she thought they forgot her birthday. When she did get home, her friends were there! She had the best birthday party ever!

I recommend this book for second through fourth graders. The illustrations in this book were very colorful. Best of all it had a happy ending.