1 Put Me in the Zoo

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Put Me in the Zoo

Written by Robert Lopshire

Illustrated by Robert Lopshire

Reviewed by Petter P (age 10)

Put me in the zoo was about a talking cat who wanted to live in the zoo. He was first living outside. Then he met two kids. The cat shows the kids some tricks with his spots, like putting spots all over and in a box and taking them out of a sock. We was trying to get in the zoo when he met two kids and amazed them so they decided to take him to the circus. He was so happy to go to the circus.

My opinion of the book is that it is interesting. I think it is interesting because it's funny and cool. I like the part when the cat was doing tricks with its spots because it showed what the cat was going to do in the future at the circus. I liked that the author was very creative because I've never heard of a cat that could move his spots and make them change colors.

I recommend this book to little kids because they will be amazed. They will be amazed because they will know what the cat did with his spots. I will also recommend this book to everyone because it is funny and enjoyable. I like dr Seuss because he's very creative with his books.