1 No, David

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No, David

Written by David Shannon

Illustrated by David Shannon

Reviewed by Robert R. (age 6)

No, David

The story is about a boy who did not like to listen to his Mom. David is a bad kid because he behaves bad. He writes on the walls, plays in the tub and then runs away naked, he makes lots of noise and plays baseball inside his house. I like this book because I like David.

My favorite part is when David's mom tells him to go to his room and he starts jumping on his bed dressed as a cowboy. I like it because he looked very funny with his red cowboy boots. This book reminds me of Kevin, my little brother because sometimes he runs naked, too. I like the pictures because they are bright and very silly. The end of the story it's very special, because his mom gives him a big hug. Other children should read this book too because they will learn not to behave bad with their mothers.

I recommend this book to all the children, but specially to the ones that have little brothers. Little brothers always behave like David.