1 Adventures of Spider-Man/Spider-Man Versus Electro

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Adventures of Spider-Man/Spider-Man Versus Electro

Written by Susan Hill

Illustrated by Mada Design

Reviewed by B.T. (age 8)

Adventures of Spider-Man/Spider-Man Versus Electro

The book Adventures of Spider-Man has five great stories in it. The best one of the five is the first one. The story I picked was Spider-Man Versus Electro. Electro is trying to make power go out at schools, restaurants and hospitals. Spider-Man needs to shut him down fast! Spider-Man shoots webs at a police helicopter to hitch a ride to the power plant where Electro is hiding. “I’ve got four minutes to save the city!” exclaimed Spider-Man. Will Spider-Man get there in time? Read more to find out how this fun adventure ends.

I liked this book because it was funny and adventurous. Peter Parker is cool because he can change into Spiderman and shoot webs. The illustrations remind me of a comic book. The pictures are extremely colorful.

I recommend this book to students in grades three through seven. This book is also for people who like Marvel Super Heroes. It is funny and action packed. The funny part was when Spider-man said “Kids don’t try this at home!!”