1 Star Wars Clone Trooper in Action

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Star Wars Clone Trooper in Action

Written by Clare Hibbert

Reviewed by M.M. (age 9)

Star Wars Clone Trooper in Action

Do you like books that are filled with action? Then Star Wars is the book for you! They have huge armies of soldiers. They are not robots. They are actually clones of a highly skilled soldier named Jango Fett. The clones’ were made for destroying the death star. If the death star continues to exist, it will destroy the planets and the galaxy. The clones’ job is to save the galaxy. There are some clones called officers. There are four kinds of officers. They are blue, green, red and yellow. Some of the clones turned against the Jedi. The evil leader somehow turned the clones’ against the Jedi. There is also a highly skilled Jedi named Obi Wan Kenobi who is a Jedi master. Will the clones destroy the death star? Read the book to find out.

I like the book because it has a lot of adventure in it. When I finished reading Star Wars, my favorite part of the book was when they showed how the clones were made. The characters I liked were the Jedi and the clones’ because they were brave saving the galaxy from the death star. The characters remind me of the people in the army, because they were protecting us. I like the illustrations in book because they had a lot of detail.

I recommend this book to people who know Star Wars because it has a lot of the characters that you know, and it tells a lot of interesting information about the clones. I also recommend this book to people who like action because this book has a lot of fighting in it!