1 Savvy

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Written by Ingrid Law

Reviewed by H.K. (age 9)


Mibs is turning thirteen, and something magical always happens when any member of the Beaumont family turns thirteen - they discover their Savvy. Then, out of nowhere, Mibs’ dad gets in a terrible car accident right before her birthday. Then comes the day when Momma and Rocket, Mibs oldest brother, go to visit him. “Can I go with you to see Poppa?” said Mibs. Momma and Rocket actually do leave without Mibs to go see Poppa. Meanwhile, Mibs is having her birthday party without part of her family. Then she faints and gets taken to the preacher’s office. That leads up to when she wakes up and thinks it’s too loud and crazy to do anything. So she runs out of the office and hops on the bible bus to run away to wake up her Poppa. You will have to read more to find how it turns out.

I liked this book because it was mysterious. I also liked the characters. Some of the characters names were Fish, Sampson, Mibs, Will, Junior and Bobbi. The characters were scared, sad, brave and happy. The main character Mibs relates to me a little because she always wants to solve problems.

I recommend this book to people who like mysteries and adventures. Ingrid Law is a good author. She also wrote the second book, the sequel of this book, Scumble. I recommend this book for grades three through sixth. It’s a little long, but if you read every day, you’ll finish it in no time!