1 Alice: A most wonderful adventure

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Alice: A most wonderful adventure

Written by M. L. Dunham

Reviewed by Aditi S. (age 7)

Alice: A most wonderful adventure

There was a girl named Alice who wants to share her wonderful adventure with you. She was taking a history lesson and she went for a walk. As she was walking she found a white rabbit running. She followed him and that is when she fell in the hole. She ran after the rabbit into the wonderland. She had many wonderful adventures. She found herself floating in the sea and saw a dodo bird floating on a toucan. She kept walking where she met nasty giant flowers. They were being mean and calling her names. She ran away and she was trying to find her way back home. Read this book to find out what happens.

I liked the story a lot. I loved Alice because she is very adventurous and not scared. I like the cat too, because he helped Alice in many ways. I did not like the Queen because she was very mean.

I recommend the book because there are different characters and exciting things. All kids would like to read this book because Alice is very adventurous.