1 Valentine's Day Disaster

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Valentine's Day Disaster

Written by Geronino Stilton

Illustrated by Geronimo Stilton

Reviewed by Brandon F. (age 10)

Do you like funny books? Well I have one for you: Geronimo Stilton, Valentine's Day Disaster. My name is Brandon and I'm the reviewer. The story is mostly about Geronimo Stilton trying to make a party and getting ready for it. While he is setting up the party, he gets nearly killed! He got broken bones, squashed and even electrocuted! Geronimo is very lucky because Cheesy Lon came to save the day. The lesson learned in this story is no matter what bad things happen to you, it will never ruin the holiday!

I give this book 500 out of 5 because in this book things happen that really could not happen. My favorite part in the book is when he got electrocuted because he had a lot of his bones broken. My favorite character was Geronimo Stilton because he was very dumb because he does things he is not supposed to do. Since all these things happen he should be in a wheel chair. The pictures made me feel lost in the sauce because all these things are happening at once. This book is unique because it is like no other book because other books have little or medium problems. But this book has a HUMUNGOUS problem. When I read this book, I felt amused by this book. The part when he broke his bones reminds me when I broke my arm.

I think other people should read this book because it is a comedy book. I think people that like comedy book series should read this book and enjoy it.