1 Stink: Solar System Superhero

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Stink: Solar System Superhero

Written by Megan McDonald

Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Reviewed by J.M. (age 9)

Stink:  Solar System Superhero

Stink Solar System Superhero is a book about a boy named Stink. Sink and his friends are tying to tell people that Pluto is a planet too. They put up posters to tell that Pluto is a planet. In this book there is a girl named Riley Rottenberger who thinks that Pluto is not a planet. If you want to know more read the book because I think that this book is very funny and I think Pluto is a planet too.

I like this book because my favorite part is when Stink and his friends put bumper stickers on people’s cars. I think it was brave of Stink to put a bumper sticker on the principal’s car. I like this book because it was funny when Riley Rottenberger and her friends dug a grave for the planet Pluto. This book was a good fit for me because most of the words were easy for me to read and this was the first Stink book I have read.

I recommend this book to people who believe that Pluto is a planet and to people who like books about space and planets.