1 Rules

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Written by Cynthia Lord

Reviewed by L.B. (age 9)


A 12 year old girl named Catherine really wants to have a normal life but feels like that’s impossible because she has an 8 year old brother named David who has autism. Catherine thinks that he’s crazy. For example, whenever Catherine’s friends come over and they need to use the bathroom David opens the bathroom door on them. Or another example is he loves the video store so much that when he goes there he hugs and kisses the clerk. Once his dad buys him a video he breaks it and then he whines and cries to try to get Catherine to fix it. One day Catherine got so mad that she ran up to her room, slammed the door and started screaming.

I really liked the book Rules because there are a lot of interesting characters. My favorite character is Jason because he can’t talk so Catherine always has to make him cards that have words on them and Jason holds them up in front of someone instead of talking. My favorite part of this story is when Catherine meets Jason because Jason’s really cool and Catherine learns that David’s not the only kid that is going through this. As I was reading I felt sorry for Catherine because she has to deal with David and how he acts. I felt bad for David too. Catherine always gets mad at David for things he can't control.

If you like learning about people that are different from you than this is the right book for you because, it teaches you about kids who are autistic. I love this book and I think that you would too!