1 Savvy

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Written by Ingrid Law

Reviewed by E.M. (age 9)


This is an exciting, fun, adventure-filled story about a girl named Mibs who is about to turn 13. Everyone in Mibs’ family has a savvy. A savvy is a power that you get when you turn 13. Mibs’ brother, Fish, can affect the weather like making floods and storms. Mibs’ other brother, Rocket, can change the electricity like power outages and turning on the t.v. without pressing anything. At Mibs’ birthday party she goes on a bus with her brother and friends from church (Will and Bobbi) thinking that it is going towards Salina Hope Hospital where her papa is because he was in a car accident. When she gets on the bus she realizes that the bus is heading north instead of south and away from Salina Hope Hospital! On the way she discovers what she thinks her savvy is and learns a lot of new things. Read the book to find out what her savvy is.

I loved this book because the characters in the book had special powers and the powers that some of her family members had were really awesome like being perfect and making people do what you want. I also LOVED this book because the author gives SO much detail and description. If you flip to any page in the book and start reading for one second you will find a sentence with SO much description. For example, when Mibs fell of her bike, the author said “My palms burned like fire from all of the hurt just under the skin”. This book is probably one of the best books I have ever read because it is funny (I love to be funny) and I can relate to the sad and exciting things that are happening to Mibs. For example, in the book Mibs dad goes to hospital and she feels very worried. I felt like this when my grandma and grandpa have been in the hospital too. The book made me wonder what it would be like to have a savvy.

I would recommend this book to kids who like brave and exiting characters. Each chapter I kept wanting to read more. I think you should read this book. If you like adventures and a great story then you would love this book.