1 The Umbrella

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The Umbrella

Written by Jan Brett

Illustrated by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Erin W. (age 8)

The Umbrella

This story takes place in the cloud forest, which is a rain forest. It is about all kinds of animals, such as tapirs, kinkajous, monkeys, jaguars, and quetzals.

The story begins when a little boy goes into the cloud forest to try and find some animals. He looks around and doesn't see anything so decides to climb a tree. Before he starts climbing he has to drop the umbrella he was carrying.

The animals find the umbrella that was made out of leaves. It was the end of the day and some of the animals were tired, and some of the animals were waiting for their mother, so they piled in the umbrella. The exciting part was when there were so many animals in the umbrella that it started to sink. You will have to read for yourself to find out what happens next. The little boy climbs back down and goes home without his umbrella and tells his dad that he didn't find any of the animals he was looking for.

I thought this book was funny because the animals could talk and they didn't even care that they were squished in the umbrella.

I liked the pictures in the book because they were funny and full of life. They were also very colorful.

My favorite part was when the animals made funny faces when they were slipping into the river. This was my favorite part because I like to read funny books.

If you like to read funny books and like animals of the rainforest you should read this book.