1 Snakes and Other Reptiles

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Snakes and Other Reptiles

Written by Mary Schulte

Reviewed by student in Spring 2011

Snakes and Other Reptiles

This book is all about reptiles. It is non fiction. Reptiles are snakes and turtles and lizards. Snakes come in all different colors like a rainbow. Turtles have shells but not lizards or snakes, but a snake does not have legs like a turtle or lizard. Lizards and snakes could have stripes but not turtles. You can have a lizard or a turtle as a pet but not snakes because some are poisonous and some are mean. Snakes are dangerous.

I think this book is scary because reptiles are dangerous. I don’t like poisonous snakes, but I like reading about them. Some snakes could be poisonous or they could bite. The names of the snakes and turtles and lizards sound cool. I also like the book because there are cool reptiles in it. Did you know that black snakes stick together to be warm? They do. I learned that in the book.

I will recommend this book to somebody who likes reptiles. Because if somebody loves reptiles a lot they could read the book. Kids that are scared of poisonous things should not get this book because it could be scary.