1 Amy Hodgepodge- All Mixed Up!

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Amy Hodgepodge- All Mixed Up!

Written by Kim Wayans

Illustrated by Soo Jeong

Reviewed by Alex B. (age 8)

Amy Hodgepodge- All Mixed Up!

This story is about a girl named Amy. Amy was home schooled and now she is going to school for the first time. Some of the kids were being mean to her. There was a talent show at school that everyone was trying to win. Amy entered the talent show with some nice kids. It was the day of the talent show and Amy was nervous. She was on the stage but you will have to read the book to see what she does.

Amy Hodgepodge All Mixed Up!, is an amusing book because of what happened in the talent show. I liked this book because she was a new student to the school and her fantastic singing helped her to make friends. I liked Amy because she acted smart and brave in the story and her character reminded of my own traits. My favorite part was when Amy helped another group member in a difficult time because it reminded me of a time when I helped my friends. This book reminded me of the time our school had a talent show because all the students had to work together in creating their performances just like Amy's group.

I think other second and third graders who like charming books should read this. I recommend it to people that are brave.