1 Niagra Falls or Does It?

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Niagra Falls or Does It?

Written by Henry Winkler

Reviewed by Julianna F. (age 9)

Niagra Falls or Does It?

This book is a splash! The main character’s name is Henry Zipzer but his friends call him Hank. Hank is in the fourth grade and in school his teacher is making everyone write a five paragraph essay about what they did this summer. Hank’s teacher asks him to read his first on Monday morning. This is an awesome realistic-fiction book. What will he write about? Will Hank do his essay? Will he do well?

In this book I liked the characters and dialogue. I liked Hank because he was a cool character. He reminds me of my cousin Anthony because he doesn’t like school either. Hank always comes up with great ideas. I also liked Frankie because he was acting funny sometimes. I liked Robert too, because he kept annoying them at lunch and I thought it was funny. There were no pictures but the dialogue helped me picture in my head what was going on in the book. This was an outstanding book because it explained things clearly with a lot of description which helped me understand the story better better. I loved this book!

I think other kids from ages 7-10 should read this book because it’s very funny and interesting. Kids who like funny characters and dialogue should read this book. This book has 133 pages, so you should get started. If you want to find out what happens read this book now!