1 Winter Camp

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Winter Camp

Written by Kirkpatrick Hill

Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Brandon D. (age 11)

Winter Camp

Do you like books about adventure? Well if you do, you should read the book Winter Camp by Kirkpatrick Hill. In the story, there is a young boy named Toughboy and a young girl named Sister. They live with their aunt. One winter they decide to go to their trapline to set traps and get animal hides or pelts but a tradegy happens. The aunt has to go through a bad snow storm on a sled pulled by dogs.

I think this was a really good book. There was a character that I found interesting and that was Toughboy. I liked him because he was like the man of the house. This book was not like any other book I've ever read because it was unique. It had very good description. Toughboy reminded me of myself because he always cuts down trees for firewood and splits them and I also split wood. I felt kind of sad because of the tragedy with the dog and man in the story. It made me think that the author wanted to put emotions into the book.

I recommend this book because it has good use of description in it. There are also a lot of good and bad emotions used. Someone who likes surprises and adventure would love this book. This is a really good book for 4th or 5th graders.