1 Big Nate Strikes Again

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Big Nate Strikes Again

Written by Lincoln Pierce

Reviewed by Analese F. (age 10)

Big Nate Strikes Again

Big Nate is about three boys who are friends in school. They do a lot of things together like playing baseball, taking tests, and participating in a guess the baby contest. There’s a girl in his class named Gina that he does not like. But he ends up getting teamed up with her and she is his all time enemy. Can he learn to get along?

I thought that the book was good. It had funny parts and serious parts. I liked the book because it has a lot of funny parts and I like funny parts. My favorite part was when Nate got stuck with Gina. Why I liked it was because he hates her and it is funny. The character that I liked is Gina because she hates Nate and they are always fighting. There are black and white cartoons in this book. I like them because they are funny.

If you like funny books you should read Big Nate because this book is so funny. If you also like cartoons, you will like this book because it has a lot of cartoons.