1 This Isn't About The Money

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This Isn't About The Money

Written by Sally Warner

Reviewed by Marley G. (age 11)

This Isn't About The Money

Janey and her little sister were on a road trip with their mom and dad. One horrible night the parents were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. Janey and her sister weren’t seriously injured. Their lives will be forever changed because emotionally they have to deal with the death of their parents. This is a heart touching story that won’t just touch my heart it will also touch yours.

The Sally Warner books I can relate to somehow. I love all of her books but “This Isn’t About The Money” is my favorite. In it the characters bring out their emotions and it takes you through each step as if you were in the story. There is so much drama. And it tells every step that Janey went through with her little sister Yo-Yo. They go from detail to detail to make this story interesting. My favorite part is when the two sisters get to see their mom and dad's grave. Yo-Yo is five years old and she doesn't know what dead means. When Janey explains it to her she isn't too happy. The sisters are hurt by the over whelming conviction that they would never see their parents again. I can relate to what the characters are feeling because this is how I would feel at first if my parents died.

I think people should read books because it helps them learn. A mature audience would like this book. In the story the setting is in Flagstaff, Arizona and the main characters are Janey, Yo-Yo, Aunt Baby, and Grand Poppy. The plot may interest a lot of people. Their mom and dad die in a car accident and it will bring out your emotions. I think a mature audience would enjoy this book because I did and now it’s my favorite book.