1 Radiance

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Written by Alyson Noel

Reviewed by Alyssa G. (age 11)


“One moment we were cruising down a curving highway and the next thing I knew we were somewhere else……entirely.” Riley was a young girl whose biggest dream was to turn thirteen, but all of that changed when she somehow landed in heaven with no knowledge about it. Now she is a soul catcher. She has to make all the souls that have not crossed the bridge cross. Then she comes face-to-face with the “Radiant boy” and nobody has been able to get him to cross for hundreds and hundreds of years. This Radiant boy will take Riley on an epic adventure but in the end it all comes down to him and Riley!

Alyson Noel did a wonderful job writing “Radiance”. First of all when her characters want to say something they come right out and say it. There’s no beating around the bush or anything like that. I also think the characters are loyal, trustworthy and respectful. They would do anything for you even if they don't know you. I can relate to the story because when I was eight years old somebody that was like a brother to me died. I am positive that anyone who reads this book will keep on reading till the very end and somehow will make a connection, something will touch their heart.

Everyone SHOULD/MUST read this book. It is so suspenseful and will keep you reading till the end. People that would like this book are those that have had people walk into their lives and as quickly as they walked in they walked right back out. Some books you get you start to read and then end up not liking it. Well, this book is very different- this book you will read for sure from beginning to the very, very end!